• The spring of 2010 marked the birth of Aiyana – as a fashion brand that would revive heritage crafts in Punjab through contemporary designs and product formats. The design team at AIYANA worked with artisans as they revisited their forgotten skills of fine crochet and Phulkari. Dating back centuries, these handwork skills were taught by grandmothers and mothers to their next generation but were struggling to stay relevant. AIYANA’s designs reflect a modern fashion sensibility built on traditional handicrafts – giving them a fresh lease of life. Aiyana personifies an independent, self-sufficient, empowered woman – both as its creator and a customer. With a foundation in rich heritage crafts, Aiyana’s collections are delicate, intricate and tempting where every product has its own unique story.

Umeed Foundation

  • Umeed Foundation was set up in 1997, to help disadvantaged communities in rural Punjab ‐ more specifically in Sangrur district providing support in healthcare, women’s empowerment, skills development and employability. The Foundation initiated a special program to revive traditional skills in crochet and embroidery as a sustainable enterprise that would create fair incomes for women with exceptional artisanal skills. Through AIYANA, the Umeed Foundation supports over 100 women artisans across 5 production centres in Sangrur.